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Light duty cooking

Our care team provides thoughtful in-home cooking services for seniors to ensure you have the most enjoyable culinary experience at every meal.


Senior home cleaning services help with the chores that can grow increasingly impossible as your loved one grows older. Cleaning chores that were once merely bothersome such as mopping floors, scrubbing toilets, dusting, and vacuuming can become physically exhausting or even dangerous, as it can lead to accidents or falls.


When it comes to laundry, you’ll want to set up a schedule with the home care company. The Caregiver can gather all the laundry and sort it, then wash and dry it throughout the day.

shopping errands

LIFELINE HOMECARE PROVIDER INC provides errand services to help with the many errands of living at home. Errands can turn into a never-ending list of chores that can overwhelm an aging parent.

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